About Us

Small team, big ideas

Duis interdum, urna in varius dapibus, mauris nisi gravida justo

Our Mission

Ireland based tech consultancy and software development company with passion to help our clients embrace the cutting edge technology. KKSK Consultancy develops cloud, AI, Big data, mobile and enterprise applications to streamline complex business processes.

Web Development

Custom website design and development to bring your ideas to life

Softwrae Development

Designed and developed a cloud-based CRM solution for SMEs (small and medium-sized Enterprise)

Accounting Services

We provide business accounting and tax advice to small, medium and large businesses

At KKSK Consultancy, we work to transform your ideas into reality. We use technology as an enabler, not a constraint. Complexity, at KKSk Consultancy, is a catalyst for change, not a challenge.

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